excellent workers; very focused on their jobs, hardworking, polite and gentle

“Recently, two of Dairen Engineering gentlemen workers came to fix a new water heater in our bathroom. One was a China National, and the other, a Singaporean Malay. We would like to commend them. They were excellent workers; very focused on their jobs, hardworking, polite and gentle. When they were leaving, we thanked them very much and gave a big smile to them.

Well done to the both of them!”
- Mr and Mrs C Cheong, 2020

a job well done by very considerate, well trained and professional staff

“Thank you for a job well done by very considerate, well trained and professional staff.I have suffered miserable performance by some contractors over the years, it makes such a good impression when guys come who do a fantastic job and tidy and clean up after themselves. It has been a thorough pleasure to do business with such a good outfit.

Well done and thank you”
- Owen, 2012

timely and honest service at such a reasonable price

"It is not easy to find a reliable and honest plumber, therefore, I think it is worth while to post this review.

My interior designer recommended a plumber to check on my water leakage problem. This plumber ( his boss is David ) came empty handedly and I have to provide him with a ladder. Unforetunately, my ladder was too short and he didn't access the false ceiling to examine the problem area, he simply guess the possible fault. The worse part is that his mobile phone kept ringing and he was busy attending to every single call. I find it very irritating to discuss my problem with him because of the frequent interruption. He seems to be in a rush and told me that he have to come back another day with a longger ladder. But I waited for many days and he did not even call back. I wonder why can't he tell me directly if he is not interested in this small job but rather lost his company's reputation for not keeping his promise.

I have no choice but to ramdomly pick another Plumber from Internet. This guy came without ladder too but he manage to access to my false ceiling with the short ladder. After checking for a while, he confirmed that the culprit was the water heater tank. He simply told me that both my water heater tanks need replacement and the cost is $1850 for 2 units. I had no idea whether I should replace it because I can't see the condition of the heater at all.

I hesitated because I felt that the price was rather high, so I search for another contractor. This time, I search under 'water heater' and made a few phone calls. Most of them can't provide me with the information and pricing immediately until I came across this company, Dairen. The receptionist answered my call and quoted me a price of $460 per 10Gallon tank incusive of installation and GST. In the even if the fault lies with the valve control, it can be repaired at $95. Without hesitation, I asked them to go ahead but requested them to double confirm if the tank was really faulty.

The Technician came equipped in a van with the long ladder and the spare heater tank ( brand new ). After checking, they told me only one tank has a faulty valve. It can be repaired but may not last long because the tank has a little rust. Finally, I replace the tank instead of repairing it and the other tank remain unchanged.

I found that the contractors ( not all, but mostly ) in Singapore are generally un-reliable. I am quite supprised that this company provide such a timely and honest service at such a reasonable price. They can always tell me both tanks are damaged or at a higher price like the previous ones but they didn't. They are well equipped and they can provide neccessary advice and charges on the spot. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who need to replace water heater or water related services."
- Helmet, 2009
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