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Digital Dooreye

Golden Eye Electronic Peephole uses an LCD Panel to display who is at your door. It turns a hard to see peephole image into a big bright image.

Peephole Benefits

The benefits of an Electronic Peephole
With an Electronic Peephole you do not adapt to the old optical door eye, with all its limitations, but now the eye adapts itself for you. The display can be mounted at any height on your door, or through an extension cord up to 30 feet away from the door!

Through modern technology we make the situation safer for all who may have visitors;

- Families with children can mount the display down the door, so that all family members can see who's calling.
- Do you have poor eyesight, you see a picture of your visitors as well as watching TV.
- The disabled can see from the comfort of a lower height on the door or at a distance.
- Is it dark outside, you can still see a picture of your visitors, set in black and white.
- The picture you see is so sharp that you can clearly see an ID card that is kept up.
- Visitors do not know if you see him / her as the camera lens does not reveal if you are behind the display.

It is very comfortable to ensure visitors on a comfortable distance, in color and without having to stand very close to the door, when someone knocks on your door.The Electronic Peephole is the digital equivalent of the optical peephole with Smart, Safe, Adaptable and Innovative solution for home security.
Smart insurance!
Don’t make the mistake and open the door for the wrong person. With our solution everyone can see.
Family with child, Tall, Short, Impaired sight. No problem! Mount the display where ever it suites you and your family. No more chairs/stools in the hallway.
Cristal Clear Picture!
Cristal clear picture of the person outside. No more guessing who’s on the other side of the door. View identification cards are totally possible.
Dark outside?
No problem! Our peephole functions in total darkness.
No problems! Nobody can see that you are looking at them.
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Peephole Features
Dairen Engineering presents the world's first Electronic Peephole, a patented and trademarked Swedish invention.

Our Electronic Peephole comes with:
- LCD color screen with 2.4 inch image
- Installation without damage to the front door
- Night vision thanks to infrared sensors in the lens on the outside
- Wide viewing angle
- Simple operation, with three buttons; Image on / off, lighter and darker
- Can be mounted in the hole for the usual optical door eye
- Powered by 4 AA batteries in the central processing unit
Peephole Technical Specifications

Central Unit
Mounts on the inside of the door.
Width: 140 mm
Height: 75 mm
Depth: 30 mm
Weight: 240 g including batteries
Extension tube: 30, 52 and 72 mm
Numbers batteries: 4 AA-batteries
Battery life: 1 – 1 ½ years, Recommended to change batteries once a year.
Peephole Lens
Mounts on the outside of the door
Diameter: 36 mm
Deep/outside: 23 mm
Drilling diameter: 14 mm
Door thickness: 30-150 mm
Wide angle: 160 degrees
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