Christie Coin Operated Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser Features
This unit consists of:
- One Coin Acceptor
- One Electronic Timer and One Solenoid Valve
- The coin operated programmable time switches have been designed to give a high degree of versatility, reliability and accuracy.
- Other than the coin acceptor the unit has only one moving part which is the relay.
- The unit will accept any one denomination coin of S$1 or 50 cents or 20 cents or 10 cents.
- Time per coin is set by turning the "Time Set Switch". Each graduation increments the time given per coin depending on the time range selected. Time range available from 10 seconds to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
- All Timing and Counting carried out with Solid State CMOS circuitry with noting to jam or break.
- Enclosures are made from Stainless Steel welded on all seams and Cash Box is secured with a special double cam Lock for greater protection.
- Coin Box capacity Approx. 1000pcs – 20 cents coins.
- Coin Acceptor is “World most widely used Roll Down Acceptor” with many controls to prevent theft of time.
- Reinforced Protective Door added for greater additional protection.
- P.U.B. approved.
Water Dispenser Technical Specifications
- Electrical:
Voltage : 220 - 240V, Single phase, 50Hz
- Dimensions: 
Height : 400mm Width : 200mm Depth : 180mm
- High efficiency resistored heating elements
- Materials:
Enclosure: 1.6mm thk Stainless Steel Casing with weather Pointer at top
Door : 3.0mm thk Stainless Steel Door with 3mm thk reinforced protective additional door come with Abloy pad lock model PL231/25.
- Coin Acceptor:
Brand : Royton Oldham, England
Model : S1
Slot : Set to 20c Singapore New Coin, Adjustable.
- Solenoid Valve:
Brand: Burkert, Germany
Model: A280, 15mm
Working pressure: 0.2 bar - 16 bar
Power consumption: 8W
- Flow Rate:
Approximately 12 liters per 20C coin inserted
- Coin Counter
Non-reset 7 digits Counter provided for coins collections’ administration.
- Environment:
Ambient temperature: 40 C
Humidity : Up to 90%
Altitude : Approximately 1 Km above sea level
- Statutory Approval:
P.U.B. approved.
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